About x1football

What is x1football?

x1 is a worldwide, active football internet platform that enables football fans to find friends throughout the world. Our common goal: The love of football!

x1 is the love of football!

We know the great lengths that a football fan would go through for his or her team! We know the feelings of a football fan who bursts into euphoria after watching a great game and his/her team has won! The downside and the abysmal mourning when his/her club has been defeated, but still, holds on strong to his team. x1 acknowledges the loyalty of each and every football fan and the love of his/her favourite club regardless of which country, which league or which club is playing. Every fan is equal.

What can one do on the x1 Platform?

You can write, post photos and your favourite videos; you can invite your friends and get to know new ones. You can create fan-clubs, comment and discuss about your club, the games, your favourite player and the competitors... what's happening with the next game? Let the community take part in what moves you!

The FootyCouch Project takes off!

Get to know other football fans and their cities around the globe! If your team is playing in another town and you need accommodation or maybe, just company, then become a FootyCoucher. A Coucher can get accommodation, company - someone with whom one could go to the game and/or a city tour - worldwide or just local as a friendly exchange. Join the FootyCouch Project if you are easy-going and open minded to meeting people like you.

Behind the Scenes

x1football is an idea of Ryan's and Michael's that evolved over many years. The idea was to create an internet platform for football fans throughout the world. Their aim was to connect people nationally and internationally simply through their passion for football.

Ryan knows the passion of a football fan and as a football player. He has his favourite team (no bias!) and does not miss a single game! As a youth he played for Arsenal, amongst others, and still has a bond to North London. He is now using his know-how as a designer and football enthusiast for x1!

Michael knows the inclination and conduct of the user as he is an expert on all things internet. His love of football has been shown itself in the application of his entire know-how and programming of the site.

Together, with our team, we are striving for a user-friendly environment that will provide the possibility for both young and old to exchange and communicate.

x1 gratis?

x1 does not cost anything and it is financed purely by advertising. Registration only takes a minute and everything that x1 offers will be at your disposal. Start and take part! Your passion invigorates football. Without you, football is only a game. With you, it is the most wonderful game in the world!

Join now and enjoy the fun!