Rules of Conduct

In the interest of all members who use the x1football sites, there are certain rules of conduct that must be adhered to in order to guarantee a secure and fair communication in the x1football network.

The following rules of conduct are binding for the use of the x1football websites.

    • The user must have a respectful and polite manner in which he/she communicates with other members of this network.
    • The user is personally responsible in each and every instance for the content and the consequences of his/her publications.
    • The information supplied in the Profiles and Forum sections must be factual and truthful.
    • Passwords are to be kept secret.
    • Discretion is required in the interaction of personal correspondence.
    • Commercial or political utilization of the x1 websites is forbidden.
    • Chain-letters, lotteries, competitions, betting games, pyramid games or similar are also forbidden.
    • The following are strictly forbidden:-
      • Racist, xenophobic, slanderous and discriminatory content and files
      • Pornography; pedophilia; offers of prostitution and exaggerated sexual or violent content of articles and files
      • Insulting, defamatory statements, stalking and the abuse of trust
      • Misuse of intellectual property
      • Any procedure that could lead to the misuse of information or data
      • Hacking and technological attacks on the x1football sites

Should the above mentioned Rules of Conduct be violated, x1football will take immediate steps to terminate any incriminating actions and if necessary, resort to legal action.